We stand for acceptance and inclusion.

The primary goal of The Uganda Women’s Organization (UgWO) is the social integration of young women into mainstream society.


Dear friends, champions and supporters,

Welcome to the online home of UgWO. “Ug” stands for Uganda and “WO” is short for woman. In luganda, the most commonly spoken local language in Uganda, UgWO could sound as “your Uganda”.

When I look around my community of origin, I see the waste of the human spirit. I see ticking time-bombs planted by cycles of abuse, neglect and destitution. I see unfilled dreams. I see unrealized human potential. I see myself in the many driven, passionate and capable young women I meet. I know that with only a little bit of help, we can rewrite their fate and help them to transform their communities.

If not for many, then for just a single girl or young woman.

I am motivated by the vision and mission of UgWO. The girls and young women we work with are not only extremely talented; they also have unique individual stories which act as a strong foundation for their personal and professional development.

Beyond the mere realization of a personal dream, I am indebted to the generosity of numerous individuals around the world, who over the years have contributed to the UgWO cause with their ideas, skills, time, energy, networks, and funds. This support allows us a fighting chance to make a real difference in these young lives and communities. Thus, I am grateful.

However, I recognize that our efforts must go beyond changing mindsets and impacting these lives. We must address the systemic hindrances to their wellbeing.

As an international development professional with high-level policy making experience, I see UgWO’s endeavor as contributing to larger global ideals of gender equality, human rights, and inclusive and sustainable development.

Personally, I have had the honor and privilege to be a role model, and granted the responsibility to inspire, and to guide other young women. I believe that it is only through large-scale intervention that systemic changes can be made.

I warmly welcome you to join, collaborate and partner with us in sustaining this movement.

Our Vision

UgWO envisions a Uganda in which young women have the skills, resources, and opportunities to maximize their potential to become productive members of society.

Our Mission

UgWO fosters, promotes, and supports promising young Ugandan women from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our Approach

UgWO works with two groups of young women between the ages of 15 and 30 from underprivileged backgrounds: emerging and gifted students and more established community leaders. In targeting both groups, UgWO links them together to provide those from the first group with role models and those from the second group with a pool of talent.


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