A two-pronged approach to female empowerment.

 UgWO works with young women who are preparing to enter the working world and with women who are already leaders within their communities.

EmW and EsW Requirements
EmW and EsW Requirements

The primary goal of its work with young women in school (EmW), is to promote empowering mindsets, by supplementing formal education, with other “softer” skills that increase their capabilities. Activities include: training in personal leadership development and civic education; opportunities for job shadowing and placement; mentorship; scholarships and advocacy. These programs help young women bridge the large gap between formal education and other skills needed for survival in society.

The primary goal of its work with women, who are already community leaders (EsW), is the enhancement of their entrepreneurial and business skills so that they may run and manage sustainable, viable projects and businesses (SMEs) that increase their assets and help improve the livelihoods of their families and communities. Activities in this area include entrepreneurship coaching and training to develop and run community projects in high growth sectors of the country’s economy.
There is some overlap between these distinct target groups with EsW acting as mentors and role models for EmW. Through post-training follow-up as well as promotion of peer-to-peer training, UgWO aims to create a multiplier effect, empowering a substantial number of Ugandan women.