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 A list of organizational developments



UgWO is accepting applications for Emerging Women (EmW) training. Our programme is also accepting applications for Established Women (EsW).

Please contact us for more information by e-mail at or phone (+256) 778-801-326. Applications may be be downloaded using the following links:


Download EmW Application  Download EsW Application

UgWO is currently offering internships. Download a description of the available positions below.


2014 Program Development Internship Description  2014 Fundraising and Development Internship




The Borehole Project (TBP)

At Dabani Girls’ Secondary School, one of UgWO’s partner schools, 850 young women, share one borehole for all their water needs including cleaning, drinking, and washing. This water shortage cuts into the study time for the girls, an issue presented by both EmW and EsW.

Through the generosity of a supporter, UgWO is facilitating the construction of another borehole at Dabani. The Borehole Project is a flagship initiative of UgWO to empower more young women by lessening the time spent collecting water and thus opening up more of it for the development of their life and entrepreneurial skills.

The Library Project (TLP)

As suggested by, and through the initiative of EmW, UgWO has embarked on the establishment of a multi-purpose library to provide much needed textbooks and reading materials. So far, donations have been made in the form of usually expensive science textbooks for secondary school students to aid in studying for upcoming national exams at the junior and high school levels.

The Acumen Fund was the first donor of books to UgWO. We welcome support to expand the collection of books and for the construction of the library.